a brief check in

There are words and thoughts percolating in me…but they aren’t quite ready for consumption just yet.

I will share something that I hope will mean something to others.

I recently have been feeling isolated, alone, abandoned and generally out of sorts. I thought that it was just me. I thought that I was going through some really challenging emotional times and I honestly thought that I was hormonal. I was keeping all the pain and discomfort to my self. It was leaking out in my behaviors. I worked on stuffing it deeper inside, to be dealt with later.

That’s not a great strategy. Especially for someone who has walked too close to the edge of the abyss and knows the appeal of the darkness all too well. I know better.

Thankfully, I have a partner in life who knows how to help me get better perspectives. Once I started back-stepping, I started reaching out to my friends. A text here and there. A phone call. A social media message. And I heard from many that they were also going through something similar. I began to realize, not only is it not me, but we all have something to learn and share in this experience.

We are in an interesting season of change. It is so important that we learn to reach out and to be more receptive to gaining strength in the hearts of others, even if they are in similar dire straits as ourselves. There is magic and love to be experienced. Don’t hold in your pain. It’s an opportunity for growth and for strengthening the heart connections we have to each other. It will make us stronger.

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Twylia (the 'i' is silent)

~ I am Anishinaabe-kwe with Scottish heritage and Sami DNA. I speak on the behalf of no one but myself. My ancestors inform and guide me. My voice is but one of many who are calling for change. We have much work to do to create a good space for the real human beings who are waiting to be born.

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