Lummi Youth Canoe Journey to Paris: Fundraiser

The people I admire, but whom I have never met in real life, are numerous. Which means I probably spend more time on social media than I should. I’m not going to apologize, though, because knowing these people, even if only through social media, does bring a richness to my life that I cherish.

Justin Finkbonner is one of those people. Though we have never met in real life, I try to keep up on what he is doing. He is a powerful force in the Lummi community. His dedication to the culture and to the youth is incredibly inspiring. Currently he is trying to raise money to get the Lummi Youth to Paris for the Climate Summit.

“The Lummi Youth Canoe Family has been invited to attend the United Nations Summit on Climate Change 2015 in Paris France. We need help getting the canoe there in time. Flying is our only option at this time. If anyone can help with connection or by donating money would be great. Thanks for your support”

Lummi Canoe Journey to Paris Fundraiser

I’m hopeful that I can raise even a little awareness about this fundraiser and help them continue to do good work. If you are not able to share monetarily at this time, please share with your networks. The power of connection never ceases to amaze me.


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