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Oceti Sakowin Camp – via Jacqueline Keeler FB page


Everyone has a sphere of influence. Some are bigger than others. But everyone has a circle and our circles intermingle. For a few days, I have been trying to figure out how to suggest a prayer strategy that came to me in meditation. That same evening, my friend Nicky brought it up during our dinner conversation. This suggestion, hopefully from Spirit, has lingered.

Couple of things: first, let me clarify what prayer means to me. I know some people can get a little rankled by the word prayer and all the baggage of organized religion. For me, a prayer is an act of moving into a different consciousness and seeking answers or solutions that the ego/earth-bound body can’t necessarily see. Everybody has a different way of doing this, but I’m keen on the kind of prayer where the heart and spirit lead, the ego/mind is quieted, and a request is made with a belief that the highest and best good will unfold for everyone involved in the prayer or miracle.  Our ego/mind can have a predisposed idea of how a prayer should be answered, but that process shuts down the miracles that Spirit can bring, so I ask for Spirit to work in the best possible way. Secondly, I think it’s important to remind everyone that miracles are possible. In fact, I’ve recently come to understand that we are surrounded by more miracles than we know, if we could create space to manifest them.

The map posted above is an attempt to give the ego/mind a place from which to locate the spirit/heart of every person praying. Using this map, I’m visualizing a circle of prayer warriors, from wherever. We can’t all be there, physically. But we can be there, spiritually. We can take our good hearts there in prayer in support of the prayer warriors on the ground. Back them up and hopefully provide some respite for them. They are enduring some very dangerous energies/spirits but they are also being blessed by some amazingly powerful energies and spirits – the buffalo and the eagle have both visited the camp in profound ways. These visits are, to me, evidence when the connection is understood.


A message from Chairman Archambault II is just below, talking about why prayers are so important and highlighting that it’s not just about  praying, it’s also about how you pray and what motivates your prayers.

“The odds are against us. We were forced to take a stand against the State of North Dakota, self interested politicians & the Federal Laws that allowed this to happen. All that whose purpose is protecting & benefitting the oil industry. All we have is Unity, the kind that comes only from peace and prayer. The world is watching and is standing with us. Standing Rock took on this fight because of simple instructions we were given. “To protect the water, we must remain peaceful and prayerful. We must not resort to the corruption & violence our people have endured. If we stay true to their instructions, there are no odds we cannot beat, there is no greed we cannot overcome & there is no amount of corruption that can defeat us. If we trust in their instructions, we will win”

My post from yesterday left a lot of questions. I have a lot of room to grow, still. Some of those questions can only be answered by transitioning my consciousness from ego/mind to heart/spirit. I will be doing this for Syria and Palestine as well. The whole globe needs us to create this circle, and I know that this works. Global Coherence Initiative documented it in Israel several years ago.


This is how I will be moving forward in the world. I hope that you are able and willing to join.

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