They want to tear it all down? Maybe that’s not a terrible idea. As long as we refuse to sit idly by and let them auction off to the robber barons all that belongs to us. Let’s talk about what we can build anew. In spite of their hate and rancor. We have the wherewithal. Do we have the will? Why resist this when we have an opportunity to lead and to create something better? Why are we constantly amazed at the smallness of their vision? At the vileness of their intentions? In all matters, we are on the higher road, and we keep letting them pull us down to the low road.

Now – to be clear – I’m not as optimistic when it comes to the EPA when we have matters like Standing Rock and Oak Flat going on. Those require a different strategy. Resistance is crucial. The damage done there is irreparable and immoral. 

We need a strategy. What would they do if we switched it up on them? I don’t think they have calculated or accounted for that. 

Just tired of being shocked over and over again. Ready to be on the offensive line. In a good way. 

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Twylia (the 'i' is silent)

~ I am Anishinaabe-kwe with Scottish heritage and Sami DNA. I speak on the behalf of no one but myself. My ancestors inform and guide me. My voice is but one of many who are calling for change. We have much work to do to create a good space for the real human beings who are waiting to be born.

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