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in no order except random

I’m having introvert issues again. The last few days, being out and social has pushed all my insecurities to the surface. I’m in that space where all I want to do is hibernate, with no interactions, whatsoever.

i started a new blog. I went to a council meeting the other evening. I’m more comfortable behind a keyboard. Reading, researching and presenting virtually. Way more comfortable for me. So, the blog will hopefully be a more powerful way for me to organize. Maybe inspire. At some point, I will probably invite other writers. A different kind of community.

I also started the keto diet today. So far, so good. Peanut butter, cheese, egg salad, cucumbers with sour cream dip…..I feel good about being able to move forward.

This world is a bit much to deal with, sometimes, and most days I hold up really well. It helps to remember where I came from, and how my life is different from when I was younger. The home I live in is safe, clean and full of love. I don’t have to worry about not eating. My kids are safe and loved. I have a loving, supportive husband. I have endured and learned how to thrive.

It helps to remember, to have perspective, to stay focused and grounded. And I really need to carve some time out to get near the water again. It’s been too long.

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