Being brave

The Washington rain this morning is real. It’s that wet fog kind of rain that I love so much. It would only be better if I were in the forest, listening to the drops as they land on the fecund ground, layered with needles, leaves, cones and branches. I’m clinging to the beauty of the rain as I fight through an intense amount of pain, as a way to remind me that the world is bigger and more beautiful than my body.

This morning, I woke up to read the story of a band who hail from Italy and who were turned away at border offices at the airport. Their story is extremely disheartening. (search: soviet soviet sxsw) All at once, I was filled with fear and anger. This is a common occurrence these days. What a way to start my Saturday morning.

For the first time in a long time, I contemplated what my digital footprint looks like and whether or not I should go about scouring the webs of connectivity to diminish my searchable presence. I actually did remove myself from some groups, in that moment of panic. Fear is such a bitch.

Shortly after, I landed on another story. Something that revived my flagging hope. I am reminded…evil does not win. Evil may prevail for a time, but there are ALWAYS good people and there is ALWAYS a time for hope, goodness and love to p



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