no more skimming the surface

I haven’t written in a while. My words fail me. I don’t know if I will ever get back to writing the way that I did before I stepped into academia. Questions abound in my soul with regard to the power of human speech. I doubt their abilities. Here are some brief words that are edifying my soul through this time and space.

I returned from Ireland changed. At the soul level.

My DNA results came back within days of returning to the US from Ireland.

I returned to find tensions in the local and national community as high as ever.

I observed people, who stand for a righteous cause, allowing fear to push words from their sacral center out through the mouth, instead of letting those words be tempered by the love in their hearts.

The universe is a mirror, my teachings tell me. I immediately felt lost and anxious, although somewhat resolved to be changed no matter what that might look like.

A social media break ensued. Of 566 friends, a handful reached out to me in real life. My perspective changed, again. Slight shifts. Major impacts.

My life deserves to be respected, first and foremost, by my own actions, words and thoughts. I know that the bulk of my work here is spiritual (as is yours, I’m sure) and I realize that I must fully commit to that work and use the mirror of the universe to help me on that journey.

I pray at the water. I sing the water song. I put tobacco down. There is more to do.

I am called to go deep into the darkness of the water. Where mysterious relatives live.
I am called to stop gliding on the surface and put my heart deep, deeper, down into that cold space where the weight of the water is transformative. Where life occurs but without the benefit of the light.

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Twylia (the 'i' is silent)

~ I am Anishinaabe-kwe with Scottish heritage and Sami DNA. I speak on the behalf of no one but myself. My ancestors inform and guide me. My voice is but one of many who are calling for change. We have much work to do to create a good space for the real human beings who are waiting to be born.

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