All the feels

There is an interesting phenomena I have been noticing in my life, around feelings.

This morning, I stepped outside to deposit the leftover coffee and grounds into the front yard – typical for a weekend morning.

I had just been on the deck upstairs and had interrupted, unintentionally, the morning routines of Aandegaag and biineshinhaag. I always feel bad but it is always unintentional. I can see aandeg interrupt her flight when I step outside, and I️ can hear the cacophony go quiet. But I always apologize, in sincerity.

So, this morning, I’m outside in the front, listening to the selkies barking, and overhead flies seagull…one, then another, and a third. Their flight indicated to me that a bigger binesi was in the area, and sure enough, migizi, who had up to this moment only been a bit of a speck in the sky, alters his flight pattern and comes into view in the most majestic way. So, I️ commence with my gratitude and acknowledgment of the gift and watch till he flies down toward the port.

Monumental. I stand for a few minutes to harness the energy of the moment. In silence.

As I get older, the feelings in my body, at the cellular level, change. I️ am currently trying to understand the change and the environmental variables that affect them….stress being a big one. How I️ experience those feelings is changing. And this is really important.

The spiritual traditions I have studied have pointed to the connection between creation and feeling. The kind of feeling that takes place above the feeling of the five senses.

We create in direct proportion to our ability to feel with the sixth and higher sense of our being.

There is a component to the feeling/creation truth that many people miss when making this connection and beginning the journey to waking up as a human being…the connection to, and ability to feel the self as a part of, the natural world. More than the usual “ashes to ashes…” trope of organized religion.

More along the lines of “migizi is my relative and I️ care for her ability to eat, breathe and live as she is”.

I bring this up because I feel (see) that we as human beings are being challenged to remember our compact with our more-than-human relatives as we see the failure of man-made laws happening at break-neck speeds.

We are being challenged to open up and recognize the existence of natural laws. We are being given the opportunity to remember the compact, the soul-based promise that was made between human and more-than-human.

While you drive in your car, or sit in your house, or plod away at your job whether confined to cubicle or cabin, there are relatives trying to stay healthy and alive, trying to still uphold their part of the compact. These relatives have love for you. And me. And our relatives.

These feelings, unfortunately, we have learned to suppress. We have been conditioned so. And many of us turn to other forms of suppressing feelings or using substances in the pursuit of feeling. Today is a day where a lot of people are trying to catch feelings from engaging in superficial activities. None of these approaches are permanent or have integrity. None will strengthen the bond and the compact.

My current battle is to resist fear. To bring stress to heel, and to make more space for the true feelings which create in a good way. My challenge is to spend more time listening to the feelings and the voices of my more-than-human relatives. Because I️ want to create goodness and justice in the world. And my best teachers are those who help me feel beyond my five senses. The best of those are found outside my cubicle and my cozy home.!

What is your challenge? Who are your best teachers? How much time do you spend outside a man made reality?

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Twylia (the 'i' is silent)

~ I am Anishinaabe-kwe with Scottish heritage and Sami DNA. I speak on the behalf of no one but myself. My ancestors inform and guide me. My voice is but one of many who are calling for change. We have much work to do to create a good space for the real human beings who are waiting to be born.

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