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These are very difficult times and you should be uncomfortable. Your heart should be broken in this moment in time. You should be angry. I don’t want to ‘should’ on you, but I want to make sure that you hear affirmation that it’s ok to be experiencing these feelings.

You are here on purpose. You are here on time. If you read my posts, you have heard this before. To provide some clarity about what I’m saying, please consider: when I say that you are here on purpose, you are here for a purpose. Like saying “on time” – except on purpose. Even if you don’t know what your purpose is. You are here on time and on purpose.

Some people feel that they were born in the wrong time. I have felt that at various times in my life, fairly consistently. But I have learned that’s not true.  I now know that I am here on time. And so are you. Now, it could be that you might have come with experiences from another time which influence how you feel in this world. But you weren’t born in the wrong time.

I believe that you and I are called to bring justice to this world. We are called to bring compassion into the world. If you are still trying to figure out what to do, reaffirm/affirm your intention to be showed what that is and be open to the universe. Perhaps the words below will help in your search.

In his book, “Blessings of the Cosmos: Wisdom of the Heart from the Aramaic Words of Jesus” Neil Douglass-Klotz delivers a new interpretation of the words Jesus spoke. Jesus spoke in Aramaic, which when translated into English are diminished in their energy. Professor Klotz evaluates the scripture, tracking down the Aramaic version, and give new insight to what Jesus meant. This book has brought me so much comfort. I have ordered another book by Professor Klotz called “The Genesis Meditations: A Shared Practice of Peace for Christians, Jews, and Muslims” which promises to help understand meditations which focus on “sacred beginnings rather than apocalyptic endings”.

We are, believe it or not, on the verge of sacred beginnings. That means that there are endings unfolding before us. The threads that have bound us up in behaviors and beliefs which don’t align to sacred universal principles are unraveling.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 KJV

In Aramaic “Hakana ninhar nuhrakun qedam bneynasha d’nehzun abadeykun taba waneshbahun l’abwukun dbashmaya”

Translated into English, according to Professor Klotz, here is what that means:

“Let the light of your being,
the consciousness of knowing
your real Self,
radiate and illuminate
the human beings
you find before you,
as well as the
community of voices
you find within.

When they see and feel
your atmosphere of ripeness,
your ability to act
at the right time and place,
they will be reconnected in praise
to the song and harmony
of the Parent of All,
the nurturing Force
that re-creates the cosmos
each moment,
unfolding a universe
of sound, vibration, and light.”
From the chapter titled “Permission to Shine”

We are called to bring justice into this world. Even if you are not a religious person, I invite you to consider the blessings of the Novena of Archangel Uriel.

“O Illustrious St. Uriel, the Archangel of God’s Divine Justice, as you hold the heavenly scales that weigh our lives on earth, we ask you to intercede for us, that God may forgive us all our sins. Obtain for us the grace of true repentance and conversation of heart that we may be spared of the punishment we deserve. Offer our prayers to God in our search for true peace and happiness founded on truth and justice. We pray for this who are suffering inhumanities, dying because of injustice and the oppressed due to manipulation and exploitation. We also pray for our less fortunate brothers and ourselves for the following intentions {put your requests here} Present to God the Father all these petitions through Jesus Christ our Lord together with the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen”

I love this novena – this touches on so many levels where humanity is lacking. We ask Uriel for the GRACE of TRUE REPENTANCE. Repent means to change your mind. If you remove all the religious baggage attached, you see that changing your mind requires grace. Grace is energetic space that allows you to show up without judgement, and instead offers you mercy and compassion. While Archangel Uriel is God’s provider of Divine Justice, the provision of grace is within Uriel’s power to request on our behalf. We change our minds and change our world.

We, as humanity, need that intercession on our behalf. If you are unwilling or unable to bring yourself to utilize any of the tools/rituals available through the Abrahamic religions, I encourage you to call on the Universe or the Creator. Truth is truth. we could all benefit from intercessory prayer.

IF we are to bring justice and light to this world, we must purge ourselves of bad works, dishonest intentions, and the imprints they leave on our spirits.

You are here on purpose. Now is the time to ask yourself: have you done the work to show up as the highest version of your self that you can be? Are you trying? Do you know where to look to find the path to your highest self? If not, keep looking.

As I try to learn Anishiinaabe, the language of my ancestry, I struggle mightily with that practice, but I’m encouraged by the words of an esteemed elder. His encouragement was to keep trying to speak, even if you don’t get it right, because the spirit in the words is what is alive. The spirit in the words is what will bring healing.

So, keep trying. We have work to do, and you are needed. Re-read the words from Professor Klotz’s interpretation shared above.


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~ I am Anishinaabe-kwe with Scottish heritage and Sami DNA. I speak on the behalf of no one but myself. My ancestors inform and guide me. My voice is but one of many who are calling for change. We have much work to do to create a good space for the real human beings who are waiting to be born.

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