this is where it begins

I graduated with an MPA from The Evergreen State College in June of 2014. I pursued that education, not as a way to further my career. I had no career in public service. This educational journey was something that lit a fire in my soul. MPA, with a focus on Tribal Governance. I read those words, and my soul lit up. I was driven to get into the program, and jumped through several hoops to get there. I consider it an honor to have been given that opportunity.

The funny thing about studying a field in which you have no ‘practical’ experience – getting hired to work in that field is a bit of a challenge. I can’t tell you how many times I have crafted a cover letter, answered supplementary questions, only to receive the gracious “thanks, but no thanks” email weeks later.

Rather than be discouraged, I take each email as an opportunity to acknowledge that my opportunity is out there, even if I have to create it myself. It’s looking more and more like that’s what I’ll need to do. That’s great, actually, because I love a challenge. I’m a hard-worker. I’m looking forward to see what can be created, individually and collaboratively.

The intent of this blog is to continue the learning process and academic skills I acquired while in grad school, and to, hopefully, create a body of work that contributes knowledge, ideas, hope and inspiration to others in a graceful and meaningful way. Oh, and probably lots of random thoughts, too.